spring break

March 2, 2014

IMGP3585 IMGP3565 IMGP3609 IMGP3606

After several months, a new post. I'm realizing how few and far between the posts on this blog has been. Truthfully, after going freelance full time, I haven't had much time to devote to any of my passions such as photography and blogging. Freelancing with a full time job was a luxury I could afford. Freelancing without the safety net of a regular pay check isn't a luxury anymore. It's a daily battle for survival.

So while I appreciate the pros and cons of my life right now, I kind of wish I could take a step back and just... release. Release and enjoy a bit more. It's Keira's spring break this coming week and I decided to 'step back' a bit and try to maximize some time with this kid.

This kid who has been silently growing up around me. This kid who isn't a small kid anymore. This kid who grew another half inch since January. This kid who loves to make up and write stories and keeps notebooks around the house. This kid who loves science class and theatre. This kid who hates sweating in gym class (haha!). This kid...

A week with this kid for spring break. I'm grateful for it.

 Kiki in character..
  IMGP3623 She will play Louise de Lunaise in her school play, a woman with her head in the clouds...

happy new year! 2014

January 1, 2014

HNY2014 IMGP3430 IMGP3444

Goodbye 2013, Welcome 2014!

I'll be honest, I'm not into reflecting on the past year and wondering what came of, what had been or even what could have been. Instead, I'm just ready to put one foot in front of the other and seeing where it will take us.

We'd like to wish all of you, our friends, a sincere Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!
The Year of the Horse – 2014 

a holiday family photo session

December 17, 2013

DSC_0197bw DSC_0189bw DSC_0293bw

Here's a very relaxed family photo session I did last week. It's for their annual holiday cards. This year, I had a wonderful assistant to help keep the younger kids occupied. What a great little helper she was! It's not easy trying to get 4 siblings to sit still... and even harder still to get them to stop making crazy faces, tongues out and doing the peace sign & bunny ears. lol. How beautiful is this family though? They are as beautiful inside as they are outside. I was lucky to have had them ask me again to photograph them for this holiday season.

  DSC_0094 My wonderful mini assistant!

winter portraits

December 14, 2013

DSC_0063 DSC_0039 DSC_0056 DSC_0047
Mademoiselle decided that 9 years old is the perfect age to start a diary. I agree.

It is truly a winter weekend with the temperature dipping down to -18ºc today. I can't even open the windows to let in fresh air.. they're frozen solid!

I have a mini photo shoot for a family today. I had to borrow a camera for today since the focus on my camera is off. I needed to do some test shots and I figured it would also be a great chance to take some portraits of Keira who just turned 9. It's becoming harder to take photos of her. She can't seem to sit still! Age does not seem to maker her more sedentary. Quite the opposite in fact. She's a mover and shaker this one.

Still can't believe she turned 9... Have a most wonderful weekend friends!


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